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The Antibiotics are also used when it is necessary to treat a drug-induced disorder (such as diarrhea). When appropriate evidence is presented to support the diagnosis, antibiotics are stopped. Antibiotics are used in many health care settings from general medical care to hospitalization and nursing home use. Antibiotics are widely used in the treatment of infections such as the common cold, flu and influenza, They may only be administered in cases where the pathogen responsible, which is usually bacteria, is not found in a patient’s system, and that the treatment is also necessary and safe. They also are used in the treatment of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria in patients with certain infectious diseases such as tuberculosis. There are many different types of antibiotics including those given to help control food or water-borne infections and antibiotics that block the action of germs or drugs that help to kill bacteria or help to prevent infection. It is important to get the diagnosis by visiting an allergist. These are not usually available outside of the hospital setting.